Bocconcini: Italian Taste and Flavour

Family, history, and quality ingredients

These are all at the heart of the recipes we know and love. We want to honor these dishes by mixing in our own modern flair while delivering on traditional techniques and tastes.

Radu Rotariu - Owner

Owner Radu Rotariu has always enjoyed entertaining friends and family. In the summertime, he would throw BBQs and parties for his guests to indulge in great food and company. Eventually, he made the leap and translated this passion into a full-time job, leaving his career as an Electrical Engineer to open Bocconcini. Radu decided that his first restaurant would be an Italian one, as he has always enjoyed the famous cuisine. Radu credits his interest in Italy and Italian culture to his Romanian heritage. The two countries share many similarities, and both embrace tradition and great cooking. To celebrate this delicious cuisine, Radu and Chef Brian Honsinger have created a unique dining experience for their patrons. By offering a warm and cozy environment, paired with delicious handcrafted meals, guests feel as though they’ve traveled to Italy without leaving Byron. Radu is extremely proud of the great team he has here at Bocconcini and is thrilled to share his passion for Italian cuisine with his community.

Brian Honsinger - Chef

Chef Brian Honsinger comes to Bocconcini with 20 years of culinary experience. He has worked in various Canadian restaurants including the Keg, Church Key and The Morrissey House. When creating a menu, his vision always includes traditional scratch-made recipes that feature locally sourced ingredients. With his keen eye for detail, Chef Brian has crafted a truly unique Italian menu. The staff and patrons of Bocconcini are always impressed by his culinary talents and passion for quality.